Top 21 Men’s Vegan Shoes Brands (15 – 21)

Top 21 Men’s Vegan Shoes Brands (15 – 21)

15. NOAH
NOAH is an Italian company that focuses on animal, human and nature welfare. Manufacturers with high ethical standards and a large selection of vegan boots and shoes for men are not only comfortable, but also at the height of quality and fashion.

NOHARM is the leader in vegan luxury shoes. Your shoes and Kacamata Rayban accessories, such as wallets and belts, are made from high quality Italian vegan leather in Italy under fair working conditions. If you want to support ethical consumption, they are doing their best to offer products that meet the highest cruelty-free standards.

17. Novacas

Novacas, which means No Cow, is the house brand of Mooshoes, an established vegan online shoe store. The boots and shoes made from breathable and comfortable microfibers are made in Portugal under fair working conditions and high environmental standards.

18. Okabashi
Okabashi’s specialty is vegan flip-flops and sandals. They come from American production and are family-owned. They design and create their models according to the closed-loop concept, thereby helping to reduce environmental waste. The perfect footwear for a vegan summer.

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19. Tastemaker
Tastemaker is the perfect example of fashion with compassion. All models and models use 100% vegan materials and are absolutely cruelty free. They offer a huge selection of well-designed and sustainable shoes and sneakers and boots that offer comfort and durability for every pair.

20. Vegetarian Shoes
Vegetarian shoes are without a doubt one of the largest online shops for vegan shoes. From 1990 all shoes were made by hand. Nowadays the shoes are mostly made to order in European factories, with high ethical standards and sustainable materials.

21. Wills Vegan Shoes

Wills Vegan Shoes offers a sustainable and ethical alternative to leather fashion that aims to reduce damage to animals and the environment. The designs are based on timeless classics and are made of synthetic materials that feel and look.


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