Top 21 Men’s Vegan Shoes Brands (8 – 14)

Top 21 Men’s Vegan Shoes Brands (8 – 14)

8. Friendship Shoes
Friendship Shoes is a London-based vegan shoe company. They have classic timeless styles like brogue and monk dress shoes and fashionable and carefully crafted Italian faux leather boots.

9. Hooves

Hooves make vegan ethical shoes that are made with the utmost care and attention. Their unique style, based on sustainability and quality, comes in a variety of pleasant colors, and most importantly, without harming an animal in the making of these shoes.

10. Keep
Keep is an online company for vegan shoes and sneakers and boots for men and women that offers an exciting selection of styles and models. Her cruelty-free items are mostly made and dyed in California, the Golden State, with sustainable materials and a lot of heart.

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11. Muroexe
Muroexe’s minimalist design was created using the latest sportswear technology to provide the wearer with comfortable shoes without sacrificing a bit of aesthetics. You have a large selection of minimalistic vegan backpacks made of durable and functional material.

12. Nae

Nae, which stands for No Animal Exploitation, is a Portuguese shoe company focusing on veganism and environmental protection. Your sustainable shoes are made from a variety of materials, including natural and recycled materials like cork, pineapple, and plastic bottles.

13. Native Shoes
Native Shoes is currently one of the largest and most established vegan shoe companies. They are recognized by Peta as a vegan brand and offer a large selection of shoes for men, but also for women and children. According to Kacamata Rayban, their philosophy is based on respect for people and animals through ethical decisions, such as choosing cruel shoes.

14. Nemanti
Nemanti is an Italian luxury shoe company that uses high quality materials, from traditional linen, waxed cotton and hardwood to high quality vegan Italian leather. Their models and styles are the result of years of perfect craftsmanship.


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