Top 21 Men’s Vegan Shoes Brands (1 – 7)

Top 21 Men’s Vegan Shoes Brands (1 – 7)


AHIMSA is a vegan brand at the interface between spirituality and respect. They have a large selection of vegan dress shoes and sneakers and boots for men as well as unusual sneakers and moccasins. Be sure to check out the synthetic leather backpacks.

2. Bangs Shoes
Bangs Shoes is not only a vegan sneaker company, but also offers the opportunity to found entrepreneurs around the world. By buying a pair of their fantastic vegan sneakers, you are helping them invest in people to help them start their own adventures.

3. Bella Storia
Bella Storia can make shoes from your favorite Hawaiian shirt. They use materials such as tapestries or vintage clothing and even recycle airbags and seat belts. They also have traditional materials, so don’t hesitate to take a look at their fully customizable sneakers.

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4. Bourgeois Boheme
Bourgeois Boheme is currently one of the most established vegan shoe companies. The dress shoes are made in Portugal according to ethical principles and are made from the best innovative and environmentally friendly materials. Your collection of synthetic leather shoes is absolutely breathtaking.

5. Brave GentleMan

Brave GentleMan by Joshua Katcher (also known as Discerning Brute) is a high-end brand for slow men’s fashion that focuses on the durability and quality of its products. They create and manufacture sustainable and fashionable vegan boots and shoes from high-quality “future” materials such as future leather and future wool, which ensure a long lifespan and a great look.

6. Eco Vegan Shoes
Eco Vegan Shoes offer everything from vegan safety shoes to hiking shoes and vegan winter shoes to sandals and casual vegan sneakers. With the highest quality standards for their employees and all that without harming an animal, they offer a variety of Kacamata Rayban styles and models for all kinds of occasions, such as work, everyday wear and even formal occasions.

7. Ethical Wares
Ethical Wares is one of the few vegan companies with vegan safety boots. They also have loads of vegan work and casual boots for men, from chukkas to Timberland lookalikes. They also have vegan walking shoes and walking shoes, as well as dance shoes for men and women.


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