Top 18 World’s Shoes Brands (15 – 16)

Top 18 World’s Shoes Brands (15 – 16)

The shoe industry is booming and is flourishing day and night. People are becoming more and more fashion-conscious and prefer different shoes that match their outfit and the occasion in order to make a stylistic statement. A correct pair of shoes can easily define your personality as it broadens your taste and fashion sense. An excellent selection of shoes exudes your aura of class, respectability and status symbol.

15. Testoni
Testoni has made a name for itself as one of the best in the shoes and sneakers industry. All products are made with the help of the profound knowledge of the Bolognese craftsmen, the ancient methods and the careful selection of the perfect material. The brand attaches importance to aesthetic design and original solution.

Testoni is an Italian company founded in 1929 by its founder Amedeo Testoni. The company has expanded its product range from Italy to several countries such as Indonesia, China, Japan and Russia.

The well-known luxury brand has created some of the best shoes in the world. Important features include lightweight shoes like a spring and guaranteed insulation against moisture, cold and heat.

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16. Berluti
A world-famous shoe brand that exclusively designs and manufactures luxury shoes for men in retail. It is known for individual designs, precise cuts, the best choice of fabrics, distinctive shape and unique leather finishing. Berluti offers a wide and varied range of products, including boots, derbies and loafers.

Berluti is an Italian company of origin, which was founded in 1895 by its founder Alessandro Berluti. The company is a subsidiary of the parent and owner company LVMH with headquarters in Paris, France.

Several well-known Kacamata Rayban personalities have been associated with this well-known Berluti shoe brand, including personalities such as Roman Polanski, Marcel Proust, Frank Sinatra and Jean Cocteau.


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