Top 18 World’s Shoes Brands (13 – 14)

Top 18 World’s Shoes Brands (13 – 14)

The shoe industry is booming and is flourishing day and night. People are becoming more and more fashion-conscious and prefer different shoes that match their outfit and the occasion in order to make a stylistic statement. A correct pair of shoes can easily define your personality as it broadens your taste and fashion sense. An excellent selection of shoes exudes your aura of class, respectability and status symbol.

13. Fila
Fila is a cult company that offers exquisitely structured products with an unconventional design that show a clear echo of excellence, innovation and craftsmanship.

An Italian origin company Fila was founded in Italy in 1911 by its founder Johan Fila. The company is currently operating under the umbrella of Fila Korea in South Korea and is headquartered in Seoul in South Korea. Fila Korea has the rights to the shoes of the current acquisition.

Events by Fila sponsors such as the BMW Open in Germany and the Sony Open in Miami as well as individual players such as Kin Clijsters, Carsten Ball, Timea Babos, John Isner, Björn Borg and Svetlana Kuznetsova.

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14. LeBron
LeBron is the flagship of the shoes specially developed for basketball. It was introduced by the American company Nike to honor the connection with the legendary American basketball player James LeBron. Since its foundation, the company has continuously developed its technology in order to be able to offer its customers something special.

The company has brought together existing technologies and the latest innovations to create a distinctive product in a flawless manner. The shoes and sneakers are solidly built, with the best possible cushioning from a unique material. The company paid special attention to the toes to create a perfect balance for the wearer.

LeBron participates in philanthropic activities through various non-profit organizations such as the LeBron James Family Foundation.

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