Top 18 World’s Shoes Brands (5 – 6)

Top 18 World’s Shoes Brands (5 – 6)

The shoe industry is booming and is flourishing day and night. People are becoming more and more fashion-conscious and prefer different shoes that match their outfit and the occasion in order to make a stylistic statement. A correct pair of shoes can easily define your personality as it broadens your taste and fashion sense. An excellent selection of shoes exudes your aura of class, respectability and status symbol.

5. Vans
A good pair of shoes is the one that is seamless and appeals to both performance and aesthetics. Vans offers super stylish shoes that are durable and comfortable. It is aimed at top athletes with specially developed sports shoes and at the younger generation with its modern and diverse range of products.

According to, Vans, an American company originating in the manufacture of clothing and skateboarding shoes. It was founded in 1966 by its co-founders James Van Doren, Gordon C. Lee and Paul Van Doren. Vans is a subsidiary of the parent company VF Corporation.

Vans has created positive brand awareness through event sponsorship and the establishment of skateboard parks. It has been sponsoring the Warped Tour since 1996 and the legendary shoe brand is the title sponsor of the US Open of Surfing in 2014.

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6. Converse
One of the most famous shoes and sneakers brands of its time and that is due to the star insignia. The all-round stripe, the smooth and rounded toe area, the rubber sole, the special features and the unique design have made the brand a well-known name in recent years. Some of the key additions to its product portfolio are The Weapon, Pink Floyd, The Clash and Grateful Dead.

The Converse is an American company founded in 1908 by its founder Marquis Mills Converse. The company has been a subsidiary of the parent company Nike Inc. since 2003. The Converse brand is associated with apparel, accessories and sporting goods as it manufactures lifestyle branded shoes, skate shoes and other products.

The opposite is a billion dollar company that has expanded its product footprint to more than 160 countries and does business from its headquarters in Boston, USA. Celebrities who proudly wore a pair of Converse are Rihanna, Kristen Stewart and Snoop Dogg.


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