Types of Men’s Casual Shoes and Boots

Types of Men’s Casual Shoes and Boots

Men’s Shoe Styles : Casual Shoes
The styles of men’s casual shoes come in many different varieties that can be chosen for not only the same type of holiday / output / lunch or whatever.

1. Sneakers
Alias athletic shoes. These shoes are designed specifically for sport or related activity with physical exercise. But, sneakers can also be used as casual shoes. They are also available for men and women. This style of shoes falls into the soft shoes category, which is mostly equipped with rubber soles. Good lower sole can be made of different types of rubbers.

2. Slip-On Sneakers
Basically are sneakers, the only difference is that these shoes don’t have laces, also simple yet fashionable. These are also the perfect walking shoes for men.

3. Sandals
One of the essential styles of shoes you need, especially in the summers. Days on the beach, stroll through the park or a casual stroll in the streets, sandals are the perfect companions. Sandals can be very fashionable if the wearers can adjust the style of the shoes and sneakers with the outfit.

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4. Boat Shoes
Also known as deck shoes or topsiders, boat shoes are generally made of cloth and leather material. The main feature of this shoe is that the upper of the footwear is made such that repels water and also tends to be stainproof. They are hand sewn and topstitched. They came in lace and lace-less versions. The herringbone pattern is carved on them.

5. Espadrilles
These summer shoes are perfect for your casual outings. Espadrilles are not only comfortable to wear but incredibly fashionable as well.

Men’s Shoe Styles : Boots

1. Brogue Boots
Boots that have “broguing”. They are actually not most of the men’s style, but if chosen well, they will look really cool!

2. Chelsea Boots
These boots can never run out of style. These ankle boots can be identified with their elastic side panel. They are perfect for smart casual excursions. They can significantly increase your game along with Kacamata Rayban. In addition, these boots are also very popular that many people actually favor these boots.

3. Chukka Boots
Simple boots mostly made of suede or other leather materials. Chukka boots have a derby construction or open-lacing construction. Moreover, these boots are perfect for outfits like chinos, jeans, etc.


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