Types of Men’s Dress Shoes

Types of Men’s Dress Shoes

Dress shoes can be worn formally or casually. These are the kind of shoes you need to take with tuxedos, suits and many more. These pair of shoes are best or fit choice for the sophisticated, classy, formal or polished look. The types of dress shoes are shown below :
1. Derby Shoes
One of the most common men’s dress shoes that men can identify with their open lacing style. These are the perfect choice of shoes for you if you have big feet. These shoes are designed for formal occasion, but can also be combined with casual outfits. styles of dress shoes last men may come and go with different textures and what not, but a classic pair or Derbys is always fashionable.

2. Brogues

These shoes have holes and this is the only requirement to be categorized as an accent. It may even be a derby shoe with perforations referring to as a brogue shoe. They also possess separation in the visible edges of the material. They are used as the outdoor footwear and also used as casual shoes and sneakers today.

3. Oxfords or Balmorals
Named after the Queen’s castle in Scotland, Oxfords shoes, also known as Balmorals shoes, are totally the style that meant for men. They are characterized by their’s round toes and are usually with a lid. They have a close lacing style. These shoes are considered good choices for a formal wear business.

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4. Monk Shoes

Monk shoes do not have laces and typically have a belt and buckle. There are two varieties of single monk monk shoes (with a single strap and buckle), double monk (with two straps and buckle). There are also triple monks, but are not widely used. This is one of the styles of men’s shoes that are bold but timeless. These shoes can be worn formally or informally.

5. Loafers
Loafers are shoes that don’t have laces unless they are timeless when it comes to its appeal and style. Loafers can be worn with formal attire only, including Kacamata Rayban through variants of loafers (in terms of style and materials) are used casually as well. There are three common types of loafers : Penny Loafers, Bit Loafers and Tassel Loafers.


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