Hiking Shoe Upper Part 2

Hiking Shoe Upper Part 2

There are two basic parts to a hiking shoe: the upper and the soles. The upper and the soles are made separately. When connected, a new hiking shoe is obtained.

An upper shoe is everything above the sole, ie the part of the shoe that encloses the foot and maintains the soles attached to the foot.

Here are rest of the materials :
– Nylon

It is light, soft, breathable and has been a popular material in the last 40-50 years. Mesh Nylon is available in many degrees of strength and hardness. One of the major advantages is its breathability. Unfortunately, nylons’ excellent breathability is often compromised when combined with the non-breathable foams or supports. Another problem is the use of full-coverage adhesives for combining these breathable materials. Adhesives create a barrier to airflow across the top. When used in the coarser grades, mesh nylon gives greater strength and body to the shoes and sneakers.

– Plastic
This is better than leather to provide stiffness, resistance to water, heat and activities such as mountain climbing and skiing requires. PVC coated fabrics or fabrics which have been formed in one piece of upper material resistant seamless water are widely used in mountaineering boots and ski boots. However, hiking boots need to be flexible and permeable to moisture so that sweat can escape. Plastic mountaineering boots are too hot and sweaty backpackers.

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– Lining

The inner surfaces of the top often are coated with special materials to protect the foot and enhance comfort. A function of the coating is to serve as a buffer zone between the shoe and foot. The liner absorbs perspiration from within the shoe and foot and helps prevent stains from the upper material. It must be breathable and absorbs moisture.

Today, despite soft leather lining can still be seen in some hiking boots, artificial synthetics are becoming more and more popular.

Kacamata Rayban

Here are some versions of lining :
– Polartec, a light synthetic version of the wool that is often used for winter boots and cold.
– Thinsulate, another light synthetic used as a substitute for natural materials such as goose down.
– Primaloft, maintaining loft, resisting compression, retaining the insulation abilities and remaining effective when wet.


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