Types of Hiking Boots and The Pros and Cons

Types of Hiking Boots and The Pros and Cons

Making choice to wear any type of hiking boots will depend on the type of hiking one plans to do and also how often one will go hiking. Here are the 3 types of hiking boots and the pros and cons :
1. Hiking Shoes
Low-cut shoes and sneakers which have flexible midsoles.

Pros :
– Great and perfect for day hikes, and some people even like to use them when they are not hiking.
– Able to be used for light backpacking, even if it is a long distance journey.
– Great for smooth and dry trails.

Cons :
– Possibly need to be replaced more often than the other types of boots.

2. Day-Hiking Boots
A bit heavier and ranging from mid to high-cut. Some people prefer wearing them on a regular routine, but not as common as wearing Kacamata Rayban hiking shoes.

Pros :
– A little more support is given to the ankle.
– Perfect for day hikes or light backpacking trips.
– Flex easily and don’t need much time to break in, therefore, they are comfortable during the first few uses.

Cons :
– Not as durable or supportive as strong backpacking boots.

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3. Backpacking Boots
Designed to be used when heavy loads are being carried, or for the trip that was planned to last for several days. If some heaving-duty hiking is regularly done, it is best to go ahead and spend money on the type of shoe you will need.

Pros :
– Have a high cut that gives support to the ankles by wrapping above them. The laces up through the top of the ankle to provide ample support.
– Durable and strong, providing great support in general and have a stiffer midsole making them suitable for traveling both on and off the trails.
– More heavy-duty than the other two boots.

Cons :
– Will tend to be a little more pricey than the other boots.
– Need to be broken in before wearing them for long hikes.


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